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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are apps critical for any business of any size?

Brand Recognition

Your brand's app icon lives on the home screen of everyone's device. Your brand's app icon is also encrusted throughout the device's settings menus. Users are always aware of your business. Customers become more attached and think of your brand more frequently. A stitch in time saves nine!

Convenient Single-Touch Access

Everyone is one touch away from entering your business at any time throughout the day. The user no longer needs to open a web-browser, recall a website address, type the website into the address bar, and wait for everything to load.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have the greatest interaction rate of all communication methods. The permission to send push notifications is requested in your app, and the user can adjust this permission at any time in their phone notification settings. Push notifications can be programmed based on user-location, date/time and more.

Apps Are The New Website

All web browsers are associated with privacy/security vulnerabilities. All major websites have risks of trackers, targeted ads, data-aggregation, phishing, manipulation, surveillance, ransomware, and the list goes on and on. Apple's native iOS apps are leading the way to a future in which users keep any data private!

Search Engine Optimization

Every day, more than 252,000 new websites are created globally. This means it becomes more challenging to make any one business stand out in online searches. Apps ensure that brands are at the top of the list wherever possible. No SEO strategy can be complete without an app.

High Engagement, Reduced Costs

Apps reduce marketing costs substantially while simultaneously ensuring ample engagement. Websites are money pits. Forget spending potentially infinite money on a new website with obscure technical IT aspects, open-ended SEO costs, etc...